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In the annals of the newest Indigo Lantern, Lobo is his first contest. The Grandmaster constantly looks for new gaming challenges and, for whatever reason, Dekkard the Lantern has consented to be his champion. On the surface, this would seem a cosmic mismatch- but don't devalue the potential of an Indigo ring- Grandmaster looked for years for a person that he believed could wield the ring's greatest potential!


Fighting UN 100

Agility IN 40

Strength UN 100

Endurance UN 100

Reason IN 40

Intuition IN 40

Psyche UN 100

Health 340

Karma 180


Immortality: Lobo cannot permanently be killed because he has been barred from both heaven and hell. He's as indestructible as you can get, and an astoundingly efficient brawler and street fighter. Simply put, he's a juggernaut of wanton destruction and ultra-violent rampage, who can probably beat up anything this side of Darkseid.

Invulnerabilities: Lobo has Class 1000 resistance to Heat and Cold. Lobo can survive the vacuum of space. He may hold his breath for days but eventually will need to breathe.

Tracking-Manifests as a scent to him: Lobo has an unerring tracking ability at Class 3000 rank. He can track his victims clear across the universe.

Weakness Detection: Unearthly

True Invulnerability: Unearthly

Hyper Leaping: Unearthly

Regeneration: Unearthly regenerative abilities. He has healed himself back from his remaining cells found in carnivorous snail dung.

Hyper Running: Incredible


Lobo is a genius who is expert in nearly every weapon in the known universe. He has displayed the following talents- Biology, Chemistry, Weaponsmaster, Marksman, Martial Arts: All, Wrestling, Leadership


Chain and Hook: Lobo's trustworthy hook an' chain. The weapon he often carries with him on his right arm. Made from Class 1000 material strength it is able to inflict Unearthly damage. It may also be used for Unearthly grapple attack 


Dekkard the Indigo Lantern

Fighting IN 36

Agility EX 16

Strength TY 5

Endurance AM 46

Reason GD 8

Intuition EX 16

Psyche UN 88

Health 103

Karma 112


Electromagnetic Force Manipulation: The power ring is focused by the wielder's compassion, enabling the control of indigo psychoplasmic energy. Electromagnetic manipulation powers able to affect the entire spectrum including Hard Radiation, Light, Sound, Microwaves, Radiowaves, Magnetism, Heat, Gravity at PSYCHE plus 1CS rank. These include emit Energy and kinetic energy Blasts, Creation of Force Fields, but not objects of solid energy. Dekkard can maintain 3 effects per round.
Emotional Spectrum Emulation: A power unique to the Tribe, the Indigo can emulate the other energies of the emotional spectrum when they are in close proximity to them and use those energies for their own use. This ability has been shown to allow the wielder to copy the power of other power rings with the exception of Black or White.
Energy Projection: They can fire energy blasts (at PSYCHE +1CS).
Inability to be Traced: The Indigo Lanterns cannot be easily traced by any means.
*One of the greatest powers Dekkard has figured out is that the indigo light exposes people to the pain they have inflicted on others. Dekkard can turn that information into an attack. The greater the affliction, the more pain the target experiences. A PSYCHE FEAT is required vs target psyche to reveal that pain. With a 2nd Psyche FEAT, the Indigo lantern can afflict that level of pain on the target (first vs karma, then vs RIP). Dekkard can project the attack as Ectoplasm Energy. The Ectoplasm blast affects the target’s base Karma, not Health. If the base Karma drops to 0, then the RIP each start losing points. If Dekkard continues the attack and the RIP each just happens to drop to 0, then the victim is a vegetable. (This is only used in the most extreme circumstances, such as stopping the Anti Monitor).
Forced Empathy: The Indigo Tribe forces those without emotional or moral depth to feel for those whom they've wronged in the past. This usually manifests as chains and manacles that bind the tribesmen in question, while erasing their initially sociopathic character. The intent of this was to convert some of the galaxies worst criminals and felons to feel for their victims, eventually leading to a form of redemptive reconditioning in those who've been enslaved to the Indigo Tribe.
The ring is also capable of imparting the following extra abilities:
True Flight: Unearthly airspeed in Earth's atmosphere, Class 1000 in space.
Life Support: The ring provides Class 1000 rank life support when required.
Energy Sheath: This life sustaining aura protects him from harm. The ring generates a field of life sustaining atmosphere and protection from harmful radiation, even if the wearer is unconscious. Psyche rank defense vs attacks.
Electromagnetic Scanning: The ring has a wide range of detection abilities. If it can be conceived it can probably be detected. Most normal electromagnetic phenomena are within the range of the ring, including radio, television, infrared, ultraviolet, and high frequency band communications at Unearthly levels.
Universal Translator: The ring allows the wearer to communicate with anyone, no matter what language is spoken at Monstrous rank.
Regeneration and Recovery: Unearthly ability to repair minor injuries in others.
Energy Absorption: Unearthly
Invisibility: A ring wielder can render him/her/itself invisible at Monstrous rank by willing the ring to bend light waves around his/her/its form, as well as that of the power ring
Life Sense: Class 1000 rank.
Protection from Mortal Harm: The power ring features an emergency energy reserve, to be utilized only when the wielder faces mortal injury. This power automatically activates to preserve the wearer's life and can be used only once during a twenty four hour period, unless the power ring is recharged at the power battery. The effect can then last up to an additional twenty four hours, to protect the ring possessor if energy runs out in the void of space.
Charge: Each power ring maintains a Class 3000 positive charge to use. This is decreased by the power rank used. Intensity of FEAT's using the ring drain points from the ring's 3000 point charge. As most Lantern's never use this kind of power in a 24hour period, most believe the ring charge is unlimited.
Protection of Life: The ring's programming forbids the taking of life. Ordinarily, the ring will issue a warning to the wielder and may even shut down, leaving the wielder vulnerable to attack.
Indigo Energy Conduit: staffs and their own bodies channel the power of compassion for a variety of uses.
Wormholes & Spatial Warps: Their power grants its wearer access to wormholes in space, enabling the them to rapidly cut time and distance needed for transport.
Limited Cellular Regeneration: They have a limited ability to to heal others during or after they feel great compassion. The compassion has to be genuine and the healing is only to the extent of the grief and minor aesthetics, major injuries have not been seen to be healed by any Indigo Lantern yet. It is unknown if the Indigo Tribe can heal itself or if they must feel compassion to do so.
Discern Motivation: In effect with healing and restoring damaged or destroyed bodily tissue, the ring has the effect of laying bare any and every horrific thing the individual they're restoring has done in their life.
Inability to be Translated: The power ring can translate virtually any language in the universe, facilitating diplomatic encounters rather than violent confrontations, however the indigo speak in a language not recognized by the lantern rings making them an enigma.
Material Alteration: Criminals and Individuals recruited to the Tribe have their clothing transformed into an Indigo Lantern uniform. If they do not already have one, they also receive an Indigo Lantern Power Staff which vanishes when their ring is removed. The appearance of the uniform and staff is dependent on the individual.
Willpower Subversion: While the indigo rings prevent the lights that they channel from influencing them (e.g. to prevent the red light from consuming them once it's no longer in use) is a strength, it is also a weakness as it subverts their wills to the influence of the Indigo light.
Recharge Protocol: the Rings needed to be charged after a period of 24 hours, regardless of how often it was used.



ROUND 1- both combatants  materialize in the arena. Lantern flies and throws up a force shield. Lobo pulls his chain and throws the end at Lantern. It hits the shield, but the shield holds. He throws a second time and hits the shield, and it buckles. The force knocks Lantern back against the arena wall. Lantern barely gets the shield back up before Lobo drops his chain and pulls his gun.

ROUND 2- Lantern initiative. He scans Lobo for a door into his mind. Lantern fails realizing, "That’s guy’s mind is strong." Lobo fires at Lantern with his gun. Hit, but the shield holds. Lantern moves fast and Lobo fires. He misses.

ROUND 3- Lobo initiative. Lobo grabs his chain and starts swinging. He lets it fly and tries to tangle up Lantern. It hits, but bounces off the force shield. Lobo swings and tries again. He hits the shield. Lantern is unhurt. Lantern fills the arena with an excruciating sound burst. Lobo lets go of the chain and covers his ears, falling to the ground.

ROUND 4- Lantern flies fast in a circle around the arena internal perimeter. Initiative Lobo. He gets up from his knees looking furious. He pulls a frag from his belt, pulls the pin and drops it. There’s no way to get away from the blast. The shield protects Lantern, but barely.

ROUND 5- Initiative Lobo. He grabs the gun and fires in a sweeping blast. He hits the force field twice. The field holds. Lantern turns invisible.

ROUND 6- Initiative Lantern. He maintains his force field, maintains his invisibility. With tremendous effort, he scans Lobo's mind. Success! He discerns the pain that Lobo has caused at Shift-Y, 300 pain. He attacks. He fails. Lobo tracks him and leaps to grab him. Lantern barely escapes.

ROUND 7- Lobo initiative. He leaps and catches Lantern in mid air. They fall to the ground. Lantern becomes visible as Lobo squeezes. Lantern's face grimaces. Lantern attacks Lobo's mind. Dekkard just barely makes the attack work, but it costs him half his karma. Lobo stops, stunned. The pain of his past deeds overwhelms him. His karma drops to 0. His intuition and reasoning drop to 0. His psyche drops to 60. He releases Lantern. 

ROUND 8- Lantern stands watching. Lobo is confused. He looks at his chain. He looks at his gun. He looks at Lantern. Lantern know that one more blast would turn Lobo into a vegetable. He cannot bring himself to act. 

ROUND 9- Lantern screams for the Grandmaster to stop the contest. Grandmaster does not respond.

ROUND 10- Lantern drops his force field. He stands waiting for Lobo to attack. Better to die a hero. Lobo does not attack. Lantern does not attack. Stalemate. The Grandmaster appears and declares a stand off.