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​Included here is some of my best work, and some of my earliest. Novel excerpts, screenplay excerpts, short stories and links to Amazon/Kindle where you can buy electronic versions of
some of my stuff. Of course most of what is here IS FREE!!!!

Philanthropist Eli Tish has a call from God to assist those in trouble. Homeless alcoholic Jimmy Samson not only doesn't want Eli's help, he wants to punch Eli in the face. Sample excerpt HERE.


Novel excerpt


The classic Deus Ex Machina. A man with no solution for his family's problems, has one appear right before him. But you can't get freedom for free.


Short story
Published 2013

Stone Cold Heater

This is a short story that asks the question: What if you were a black American in the late 1800's, who had always been pushed around, and someone offered you a "can't miss" six shooter?


Short story
Published 2012

A Dearth in the Family

What if you had the perfect job, great pay, low hours, superb benefits and you almost couldn't get fired?  Then, what if you found out you couldn't quit if you wanted to?


Free copy HERE


Short story, published 2009
5520 words

Torn Levis

What if we had a more in-depth account of the Seven sons of Sceva?  This might have been the way it happened.


Get your free copy HERE


Short story / religious fiction
Published 2003

The Trouble with Birds

A swashbuckling space jocky has to save a galactic princess from the evil of a totalitarian space CEO, but he has to have the help of his gamma irradiated crab, and missing author Philip K. Dick. 


Get your FREE copy HERE.


Short story / sci fi parody

Published 2001 (kind of a space odessy)



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