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​Columns, essays, observations, full-length works, even a tactical war game!
EIC League
Tactical hex grid / wargame​

2 player

Published 2010

EIC League is a tactical combat / RPG crossover that is completely customizable. You add your own dice and playing field to the EIC League rules that you download, and you are ready to go.


Every player is assigned the same number of credits (a budget) that they have to spend to buy and customize their units.

Players design units (either bipeds or tanks), equip them with the 7 ratings they need (body material, attack, defense, power, speed, detection & ECM), then outfit them with weapons, shielding, and special movements. After the units are completed, they pit their team against one or more opponents. The game is like chess on steroids!


The infinite combinations of weapons, movements and defenses against the other team's weapons movements and defenses makes for a unique playing experience each and every game.  You can lear more about the game HERE.


You can download a free copy here:  EIC LEAGUE

Rev magazine archive

This was written at a time when our church was trying to minsiter to some homeless people and get them going in a good direction in their lives.  Find a PDF copy HERE.

A Begger's Mentality

Feature article

(C) REV Magazine 2002​


Supplement reviews

I just tell everybody that I used to be in much better shape. Not that it matters. I used to write as a regular contributor to  You can search Deen Gill on their website, or start HERE.


This is the artcile that got me more than a little flack and a bit of notariety. archives
Technical article​

Vancouver Business Journal

Technical writing is a very specific form. Some people love it, some hate it. But if you are good at it, you can make some serious money. HERE is a piece I did for the Vancouver Business Journal.


Note: don't use the email listed in that article, I am not with that company any longer.

Technical article



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