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NO VIRTUE (original web series), Deenur -co-writer, exec producer

A ruthless and very pregnant couple, Vernon and Natasha, invade a home, killing the owners. They quickly discover that the recently moved-in husband and wife were actually a team of drug dealers for a Mexican cartel. Far from being angels themselves, George and Natasha decide to take over the business. However, things get tricky when the drug kingpin's gay son, Pedro, arrives to keep an eye on things.

MJ Palo,

Director and Producer

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Chris Blumen, 

Producer, actor

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LOGLINE: Rose Pinn must endure racial prejudice, outflank her five bounty hunting brothers, and resist a forbidden attraction to gunslinger George Bittercreek Newcomb, if she is going to make anything of her life.

SYNOPSIS: Bill Pinn is the eldest of 5 black-American, bounty hunting brothers (based on real life western

bounty hunters, the Dunns). He promised his mama he would look after the family as she passed. He is tough, decisive and quick with a gun. Bill is seconded by brother George- quiet and deadly, with an unquestioning loyalty to Bill, and a soft spot for baby sister Rose. Middle brother Dal is the family

intellectual, an educated man with refined tastes, but who is also skilled with firearms, and is unapologetically, a Pinn. Family clowns Bee and Cal make up the rest of the family, and are usually found together, causing trouble.


The story opens as Bill rides hard to get to his mama, before she dies. He arrives moments before her death promising her that he will take care of the family, especially baby sister, Rose. After her funeral, the boys, who have been raising money by bounty hunting and cattle rustling, decide to turn the family home into a roadhouse for Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and anyone else who can’t find lodging in town. Dal manages, Rose cooks and cleans with the help of Bee and Dal. Bill and George continue to bounty hunt to keep the business afloat until it can stand on its own. Rose becomes bored with the business and takes un unhealthy interest in frequent visitor (and real life western outlaw) George Bittercreek Newcomb. She eventually runs away with him and Bill goes after them. Bill finds them with the Doolin gang (consisting of Newcomb, Arkansas Tom Jones, Bill Doolin, Charley Pierce, Oliver "Ol" Yantis, Cattle Annie and Little Britches) who have just botched a bank robbery and are pinned down by US Marshals. Yantis is killed, Arkansas Tom is captured, Newcomb, Pierce and Doolin escape.

Bill takes Rose home and horse whips her. The boys keep a tight eye on her, but the business is demanding and she eventually runs off again to find Newcomb. What she finds is Pierce and Newcomb involved with Annie and Britches. Disgusted, she returns home and she doesn’t protest when Newcomb and Pierce shockingly arrive at the roadhouse to spend the night (Newcomb hoping to make up with Rose) and Bill instantly kills them both. Bill them leads the Federal Marshal to Doolin’s hiding place, killing Doolin and collecting the bounty. Everything seems to be straightening out when Bill realizes he has to manage a confrontation with a local sheriff who has been both friend and antagonist to Bill. Rose begs him not to go, fearing Bill’s temper and fearing for his life.

If Not For You (an original screenplay)


LOGLINE: Two little girls meeting in 1969 in Jackson, Mississippi realize that the difference in their skin colors makes no difference to their friendship. As they grow into adults, amid hardships and blessings, they overcome a culture that sees their color, and not their hearts. 

SYNOPSIS: “If Not For You” tells the story of two best friends who find their way in life in the south during integration as a whole new world opens up for people of color. Sondra and Catherine come from two very different worlds in the unlikeliest of times. Their friendship faces racism, poverty, and heartache. But it also discovers faith, happiness, miracles, redemption, love, marriage, and children.


Sondra, a fiercely independent black woman, who has suffered so much, sees a new path in a new culture. She teaches Catherine what it means to have traveled a much different road during childhood.

Catherine, a white woman of privilege, almost lets resentments of a southern past, and distrustful husbands, pull them apart, but they hold on. But even a deep and abiding friendship can’t overcome a cancer diagnosis, and one of them must learn to go on in life without the other.

Co-written by Kathleen Mazzanti, the little girl on which one character is based. "In 1969 I was eight years old in Jackson Ms, and I was bused across town to a formerly all black elementary school called French Elementary during integration. I met a little black girl in my class named Sondra. We instantly had a connection and became best friends. We lost touch, and I have often wondered what became of her. This story is based on my friendship with her, and with all the women in my life whose friendships uplifted me and changed me. If not for Sondra, I’m not sure I would be the woman that I am."

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Kathleen Mazzanti, 


original story by




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