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Resume- because you want to know what I have done.

This, while not conclusive, is a comprehensive sampling of what I have done, and am capable of doing. I am available for collaborations, work for hire or freelance projects. My 3 best traits are professionalism, expediency and honesty. I will never tell you that I can do something when I cannot (but please understand that I do not believe in impossible).
"No Virtue" now on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV!
an original screenplay by Deenur and Kathleen Mazzanti (request a copy)


LOGLINE: Two little girls meeting in 1969 in Jackson, Mississippi realize that the difference in their skin colors makes no difference to their friendship. As they grow into adults, amid hardships and blessings, they overcome a culture that sees their color, and not their hearts. 

SYNOPSIS: “If Not For You” tells the story of two best friends who find their way in life in the south during integration as a whole new world opens up for people of color. Sondra and Catherine come from two very different worlds in the unlikeliest of times. Their friendship faces racism, poverty, and heartache. But it also discovers faith, happiness, miracles, redemption, love, marriage, and children.


Sondra, a fiercely independent black woman, who has suffered so much, sees a new path in a new culture. She teaches Catherine what it means to have traveled a much different road during childhood.

Catherine, a white woman of privilege, almost lets resentments of a southern past, and distrustful husbands, pull them apart, but they hold on. But even a deep and abiding friendship can’t overcome a cancer diagnosis, and one of them must learn to go on in life without the other.

Co-written by Kathleen Mazzanti, the little girl on which one character is based. "In 1969 I was eight years old in Jackson Ms, and I was bused across town to a formerly all black elementary school called French Elementary during integration. I met a little black girl in my class named Sondra. We instantly had a connection and became best friends. We lost touch, and I have often wondered what became of her. This story is based on my friendship with her, and with all the women in my life whose friendships uplifted me and changed me. If not for Sondra, I’m not sure I would be the woman that I am."

an original screenplay by Deenur (request a copy)

LOGLINE: Rose Pinn must endure racial prejudice, outflank her five bounty hunting brothers, and resist a

forbidden attraction to gunslinger George Bittercreek Newcomb, if she is going to make anything of her life.

SYNOPSIS: Bill Pinn is the eldest of 5 black-American, bounty hunting brothers (based on real life western

bounty hunters, the Dunns). He promised his mama he would look after the family as she passed. He is

tough, decisive and quick with a gun. Bill is seconded by brother George- quiet and deadly, with an

unquestioning loyalty to Bill, and a soft spot for baby sister Rose. Middle brother Dal is the family

intellectual, an educated man with refined tastes, but who is also skilled with firearms, and is

unapologetically, a Pinn. Family clowns Bee and Cal make up the rest of the family, and are usually found

together, causing trouble.

The story opens as Bill rides hard to get to his mama, before she dies. He arrives moments before her death promising her that he will take care of the family, especially baby sister, Rose. After her funeral, the boys, who have been raising money by bounty hunting and cattle rustling, decide to turn the family home into a roadhouse for Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and anyone else who can’t find lodging in town. Dal manages, Rose cooks and cleans with the help of Bee and Dal. Bill and George continue to bounty hunt to keep the business afloat until it can stand on its own.

Rose becomes bored with the business and takes un unhealthy interest in frequent visitor (and real life western outlaw) George Bittercreek Newcomb. She eventually runs away with him and Bill goes after them. Bill finds them with the Doolin gang (consisting of Newcomb, Arkansas Tom Jones, Bill Doolin, Charley Pierce, Oliver "Ol" Yantis, Cattle Annie and Little Britches) who have just botched a bank robbery and are pinned down by US Marshals. Yantis is killed, Arkansas Tom is captured, Newcomb, Pierce and Doolin escape.

Bill takes Rose home and horse whips her. The boys keep a tight eye on her, but the business is demanding and she eventually runs off again to find Newcomb. What she finds is Pierce and Newcomb involved with Annie and Britches. Disgusted, she returns home and she doesn’t protest when Newcomb and Pierce shockingly arrive at the roadhouse to spend the night (Newcomb hoping to make up with Rose) and Bill instantly kills them both. Bill them leads the Federal Marshal to Doolin’s hiding place, killing Doolin and collecting the bounty.

Everything seems to be straightening out when Bill realizes he has to manage a confrontation with a local sheriff who has been both friend and antagonist to Bill. Rose begs him not to go, fearing Bill’s temper and fearing for his life.

an original screenplay by Deenur (request a copy)

Detroit must stop a sociopathic villain, created by an industrial accident, who callously destroys everyone in his path. He lays waste to the police, SWAT teams and Michigan National Guard. There are no superheroes or millionaire industrialists to help, as everyone wonders if the city will survive. 


Marcus Shoji, second in command of a domestic terrorism organization, despises the softness he sees in his boss. After an accident at an experimental power plant, he finds himself with tremendous destructive power. He uses that power to take revenge on the people he feels have slighted him. There is no one to oppose him as he kills off police officers, SWAT teams, organized crime bosses and the National Guard. He seems unstoppable until Jasmine makes a decision to engage him. 

Jazz (Jasmine) is PTSD war vet  who lives in the city, in an impromptu homeless camp. She observes and keeps notes on what is happening to the city, but cannot bring herself to act. She is paralyzed by the thought of any attention, and just wants to maintain her anonymity, but she finally brings herself to a decision point, taking the situation into her own hands. 

Genre: Sci-fi/actioner

MPAA rating: PG-13 for violence. No nudity or sex.

Appx run time: 100 minutes


an original screenplay by Deenur (request a copy)

Hipster Portland Detective Trace Dickey spends his time battling the city's Rogues Gallery of colorful villains including Balloonface, Porter Stout, The Beard, Littleboy Ludwig, and his arch nemesis Flatnose Smith. Smith is tired of Dickey's interference and decides once and for all to put an end to the detective's heroic capers. Smith fashions a plan to capture the entire Portland professional soccer team and hold them for $8.75 billion ransom (the amount and 18 wheeler tractor trailer can hold when stuffed with $100 bills). Dickey, who is already exhausted from multiple fights with all the city's other villains, must devise a way to rescue the soccer team while not letting Flatnose get way with the ransom cash.  But Dickey is not aware of Flatnose's ace in the hole, a stunning femme fatale called Browless Mahaney.

The Legend of Bat Johnson-
an original screenplay by Deenur (request a copy)

The Legend of Bat Johnson is a Western/supernatural/Christian fantasy based on the short story "Stone Cold Heater" by Deenur.


Bat Johnson is a black American homesteader in 1880s New Mexico. He recives a gift of a "can't miss" six shooter

from a mysterious visitor. Bat finds that his new found talent with a gun brings him notariety and respect. But now 

Bat must decide if what he does defines who he is, or if his identity is determined in a higher purpose.


Genre: Western/supernatural/Christian fantasy

MPAA rating: PG-13 for violence. No nudity or sex.

Appx run time: 95 minutes


Danger Gorilla-
an original screenplay by Deenur (request a copy)


LOGLINE: Genius criminal Brainpan is formulating the perfect heist, but to pull it off,

e needs a gorilla with a transplanted human brain- fortunately Brainpan is also a skilled


SYNOPSIS: Danger Gorilla is a gonzo heist script intended for Ultra Low Budget production.


Criminal genius BrainPan wants to steal the Hitchcock Diary which is on loan to the Metropolitan

Museum. The Diary allegedly contains confessions from director Hitchcock that he never made

the movies for which he was credited. The diary, locked in a polycarbonate case, has never been

read by anyone living today. For BrainPan to grab the diary he has to get past the most severe

security measures ever put in place by a museum. He devises a way to get the diary, if he can

successfully transfer the brain of Charley the janitor into a gorilla that BrainPan has kidnapped

from the local zoo. The script has 5 principle characters and only 3 locations.

Learning to Crawl-
an original screenplay by Deenur (request a copy)


LOGLINE: Andrew, a billionaire heir who has been told "enlist or be cut off," begins a downward spiral that

ends up with him homeless and fighting for his life on the streets of Portland, OR.

SYNOPSIS: Andrew is a third generation billionaire, and spoiled beyond belief. His dad is a responsible man

who cannot stand to see the way his son is approaching life. A near fatal auto accident that puts Andrew in

the hospital is the last straw for his dad. His dad tells him, "enlist or be cut out of my will." Andrew reluctantly

enlists, and washes out of boot camp. He calls his dad, who tells Andrew that he cannot come home. Andrew

ends up trafficking illegal substances, involved in an illegal fight gang, running for his life after the death of

one of the illegal fighters, and homeless on the streets of Portland, OR. He sinks into bitterness and despair.

His dad prays for his sons redemption, as a Portland outreach ministry tries to aid Andrew, and one of the

fight gang leaders tries to track down Andrew for payback and revenge.


“Learning to Crawl” is a Christian action/thriller that is “not for church-going audiences”. The hard-hitting drama (repurposing the story of the prodigal son) contains themes that some church-goers may find objectionable (language, sexual assault, drug use, murder).

***This script is now in development. If you would like to know about investment opportunities, please contact me.

Attached Talent: Brian Lemmons (actor, director, producer), JC Phillips (Cosby show, 13 Reasons Why)

The G.I.A.
(The gamma irradiated antagonist)-
an original screenplay by Deenur

This project is my baby. It is a sci-fi throwback film in the style of old school 50s and 60s monster movies. It is unique in that the film contains dozens of easter eggs (both visually and audibly) referencing dozens of the worst movies that Hollywood has ever produced. The film has a political undertone similar to Dr. Strangelove and quirkiness like Buckaroo Banzai.

James Edward Wood is a scientist that discovers he has been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic and thyroid cancer. He goes searching for a legendary natural isotope that might be able to cure him. He finds the isotope and ingests it. He is cured but is also transformed into something superhuman. In the meantime, the President wants to capture James' new self for use as a covert political operative/assassin.


Genre: Sci-fi throwback/ dark satire

MPAA rating: PG-13 for violence. No nudity or sex.

Appx run time: 95 minutes




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