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EIC LEAGUE is a combat simulation different from others. The structure combines the best of tactical
war games with the added detail of RPGs (role-playing games). You, as the coach of your own futuristic
combat team, equip forces and develop a game plan against other teams. You will design the individual
units and direct the strategy of your own Electronic/Intelligent Combat team: THE EIC LEAGUE.


You'll have to use advanced planning, strategy and tactics: competition will be fierce!
Scenario: You custom design each piece on a team that plays on a field monitored by fans across globe,

via pay-per-view access. Like chess on steroids!

The rules of this game have been written for a medium-level gamer and assume some familiarity with
RPGs and tactical war games. If you have some gaming experience, this simulation will most likely be fine for you.



Longview, WA

deengill (at)

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