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O U R   S T O R Y

Here at GBU films, movies fall into 3 categories:

The good: a film that is good, that I like (or maybe don't).

The bad: a film that is genuinely bad, that I still like.

The ugly: a film that I don't understand how anyone likes.

Here you will find reviews of famous films, and obscure b-movies, that deserve some recognition, either for their excellence or their shameless badness. We will also talk about those dog-logs from Hollywood, that somehow found an audience despite their complete lack of any redeeming qualities.

I want to answer three questions:

What makes a film great?

What makes a film terrible?

And what makes a film terrible, but you still want to watch it?

Yes we will celebrate films like"12 Angry Men" and "Casablanca", but we will also look at the draw that makes a film like "Teenagers from Outer Space" completely enjoyable.

Film Reels

Yes, I'm a real, honest-to-goodness, professional-type screenwriter.

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