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This is where its all recorded. Stories, projects and WIPs that reflect my heart and views on life. Some of it is fun, some of it is serious, but all of it will get you thinking. Browse around, enjoy, and feel free to send a comment or two.



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"15-year-old Zayn has a terrible, biological secret. But it's not as terrible as what his other self is able to do to pedophiles, when he finds them in the act of hurting a child.


Collaborating with Deenur was so easy. He’s a true professional. He allows you to contribute as much as you wish, or he takes the reigns and writes from the heart. Highly recommend!

Kathleen Mazzanti 

"You have an inherent ability and passion to write screenplays... put your mind to work on something  that is truly unique and sheer entertainment ."


B-movie legend Bill Rebane

"I really like it ( DANGER GORILLA ).  The story is intriguing, creative and is refreshingly new material.  This has great potential!"

Susan Bryant, CEO/Producer
Door4 Entertainment Media Agency

News, sports writing, ad copy; cable TV show producer and writer; author tactical war game, news anchor/news editor broadcast news, feature news, promotional spots and commercials (writing and voice work); radio news anchor, news editor, talk show host, radio show, talk host and producer, freelance columnist; social media blogging, commercials, and radio and TV spots; freelance writer, independent screenplays, editor/author young adult novel, editor/author for gritty YA urban fantasy; multiple screen-play collaborations; various short projects (fiction and non-fiction).




Movie screenplays and projects, novels, short fiction, even non-fiction, if its in process it's here!

Full length book projects, columns, and even tactical war games. Nice!

How I started, what I do, where I get ideas and how you can do it too if you desire.


From some of my best stuff to some of my earliest- novel excerpts, links to Amazon/Kindle for some stories and FREE downloads of others!



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